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Jackson, Josh

Charge: Escape and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: May 10, 2019

Franchise: Phoenix Suns

Age 22

Details: Jackson was arrested at a Florida music festival after repeatedly trying to enter a restricted area and ignoring officers’ orders.  He was told “multiple” times he couldn’t enter the VIP area without the proper pass but continued to try to enter anyway. An officer handcuffed Jackson and took him away from the crowd, but Jackson tried to run away after the officer sat him down on a golf cart.

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Sefolosha, Thabo

Charge: Disoderly conduct and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: April 8, 2015

Franchise: Atlanta Hawks

Age 30

Details: Sefolosha was arrested along with teammate Pero Antic after interfering with officers outside the 1Oak nightclub in Manhattan.  This was following the stabbing of Indiana Pacer Chris Copeland moments earlier.  Sefolosha broke his leg in the incident causing him to miss the remainder of the season.  See below for video showing officers tackling and striking him with a nightstick.

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Johnson, Dermarr

Charge: Resisting arrest and interfering with a peace officer

Arrest Date: June 9, 2007

Franchise: Denver Nuggets

Age 27

Details: After being involved in a disturbance with two women outside of a nightclub, Johnson was uncooperative with officers, and was tasered and arrested.

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Goodwin, Archie

Charge:  Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: May 4, 2014

Franchise: Phoenix Suns

Age 19

Details: Goodwin was arrested at an Arkansas skating rink after officers spotted him cursing and being aggressive toward another skater.  After refusing to stop, officers moved in to arrest him at which point he tried to break free and flee.

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Potapenko, Vitaly

Charge: Disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: July 12, 2004

Franchise: Oklahoma City Thunder

Age 29

Details: Potapenko was denied entry to a Miami Beach club due to being inebriated and refused to leave the scene.  Officers responded and Potapenko became aggressive and allegedly used a racial slur and was placed under arrest.

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Caracter, Derrick

Charge: Battery, public drunkenness, and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: April 24, 2011

Franchise: Los Angeles Lakers

Age 22

Details: While in the middle of a playoff series against the Pelicans, a drunken Caracter showed up at a New Orleans IHOP and grabbed and shoved a female cashier after being refused service.  Police were called and he was arrested for battery, public drunkenness, and resisting arrest.

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Caracter Derrick 04.24.11

Arroyo, Carlos

Charge: Resisting arrest, failure to obey a lawful order, and driving suspiciously

Arrest Date: February 26, 2010

Franchise: Miami Heat

Age 30

Details: On his way to practice one morning, Arroyo managed the unusual task of getting arrested for driving too slowly.  After he was pulled over for ‘driving suspiciously,’ cops arrested him for resisting when he refused to cooperate.

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Arroyo Carlos 02.26.10

Curry, Jameson

Charge: Urinating in public and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: January 17, 2008

Franchise: Chicago Bulls

Age 22

Details: While a rookie on assignment with the Bulls D-League affiliate in Idaho, Curry expressed his frustration by urinating in public and resisting arrest.

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Curry Jameson 01.17.08

Davis, Dale

Charge: Assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: August 1, 2006

Franchise: Detroit Pistons

Age 37

Details: Police were called to a Miami Beach hotel after Davis refused to leave the premises after repeated requests.  Upon arriving, Davis went outside with officers where he threatened to assault them if they would remove their guns and badges.  Davis then balled his fists and began walking toward officers in an aggressive manner, and was warned that he would be hit with a Taser gun if he continued. He didn’t stop, and an officer used the stun gun to hit Davis in the chest and he fell to the ground. He was taken into custody and charged with assault, assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence.

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Davis Dale 08.01.06

Mason, Anthony

Charge: Inciting a riot, battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: July 3, 2000

Franchise: New Orleans Pelicans

Age 33

Details: While in the New Orleans French Quarter, a group of men including Mason was seen in an argument over women in the street with another group.  Officers attempted to separate the groups when Mason allegedly hit one of the officers and began rallying the crowd. He was then pepper sprayed and fled into the crowd before eventually being arrested a short time later.

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