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Caldwell-Pope, Kentavious

Charge: Driving while intoxicated

Arrest Date: March 29, 2017

Franchise: Detroit Pistons

Age 24

Details: Caldwell-Pope was pulled over in Auburn Hills at 2:50 AM for driving 45mph in a 25mph zone.  Officers smelled alcohol and administered field-sobriety tests which Caldwell-Pope failed.  He was placed under arrest and later registered a .08 blood alcohol level, at the legal limit.

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Shumpert, Iman

Charge: Driving under the influence, marijuana possession

Arrest Date: August 10, 2016

Franchise: Cleveland Cavaliers

Age 26

Details: Two months after winning his first championship with the Cavaliers, Shumpert was pulled over in Atlanta after being observed weaving in and out of his lane.  He then failed field sobriety tests and was handcuffed and placed under arrest.  When deputies searched Shumpert’s car, they then found marijuana in a backpack in the trunk.

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Collison, Darren

Charge: Domestic violence

Arrest Date: May 30, 2016

Franchise: Sacramento Kings

Age 28

Details: Officers responded to a midday call on Memorial Day from Collison’s wife, who said she was being assaulted by her husband inside their home.  The victim was found to have visible injuries from the assault.

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Scott, Mike

Charge: Marijuana possession, schedule 1 drug possession

Arrest Date: July 30, 2015

Franchise: Atlanta Hawks

Age 27

Details: Scott was riding in a car with his brother when police attempted to pull them over for following too closely to other vehicles.  The vehicle failed to stop and accelerated to 98mph before eventually pulling over after a two mile pursuit.  Police found over an ounce of marijuana and 10.9 grams of a MDMA.  Scott was arrested and charged with felony drug possession.

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Lawson, Ty

Charge: Driving under the influence

Arrest Date: January 23, 2015

Franchise: Denver Nuggets

Age 27

Details: Lawson was arrested after being pulled over at 1am for driving 61mph in a 35mph zone. Officers found him slurring his speech and smelling of alcohol and arrested him for driving under the influence.  This was Lawson’s third arrest in two years.  He was also arrested for driving under the influence in 2008 while a student at the University of North Carolina.

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Taylor, Jeffery

Charge: Domestic assault, destruction of property

Arrest Date: September 25, 2014

Franchise: Charlotte Hornets

Age 25

Details: The third year swingman from Sweden was arrested at a Michigan-area Marriott and charged with domestic assault and destruction of property. No other details were available.

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Oden, Greg

Charge: Battery

Arrest Date: August 7, 2014

Franchise: Miami Heat

Age 26

Details: The oft-injured center was arrested at 3:30 am after allegedly punching an ex-girlfriend in the face.  When police arrived they found his 24 year-old ex on the sofa with her face swollen and bloodied.

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Tucker, PJ

Charge:  Driving under the influence

Arrest Date: May 10, 2014

Franchise: Phoenix Suns

Age 29

Details: Tucker was pulled over after running a stop sign in his Mercedes and driving erratically.  He was found to have slurred speech, watery eyes and a blood alcohol level of .222, nearly three times the legal limit.  He was arrested for driving under the influence, and faced a charge of ‘super-extreme DUI’ due to his BAC being above .20. About two months after the arrest Tucker signed a three year, $16.5 million dollar contract with the Suns.

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Goodwin, Archie

Charge:  Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: May 4, 2014

Franchise: Phoenix Suns

Age 19

Details: Goodwin was arrested at an Arkansas skating rink after officers spotted him cursing and being aggressive toward another skater.  After refusing to stop, officers moved in to arrest him at which point he tried to break free and flee.

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Johnson, James

Charge:  Domestic assault

Arrest Date: June 7, 2014

Franchise: Memphis Grizzlies

Age 27

Details: After returning home from an evening with his wife, Johnson and his wife got in an argument, at which point he slapped her with an open hand and choked her.  He was subsequently arrested for domestic assault.

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