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Porter Jr, Kevin

Charge: Marijuana possession and improperly handling a firearm in a vehicle

Arrest Date: November 15, 2020

Franchise: Cleveland Cavaliers

Age 20

Details: Porter Jr was arrested after crashing his Mercedes Benz at 2am, as arriving officers discovered a loaded handgun and marijuana in his vehicle. Charges were eventually dropped the following month.

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Beasley, Malik

Charge: Drug possession, receiving/concealing stolen property, and threats of violence

Arrest Date: September 26, 2020

Franchise: Minnesota Timberwolves

Age 23

Details: Officers were called to Beasley’s residence a day earlier on a reported weapons offense. The reporting individuals told officers they had stopped their car in front of the house, and Beasley “walked up to their vehicle, tapped on the vehicle window, pointed a gun at them and advised them to get off of the property.” Police subsequently found drugs as well as multiple guns including one that was reported stolen. Beasley eventually pled guilty to felony threats of violence and sentenced to 120 days in jail.

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Felton, Raymond

Charge: Possession of a firearm

Arrest Date: February 25, 2014

Franchise: New York Knicks

Age 29

Details: Felton turned himself into police following an arrest warrant for possessing an unlicensed handgun.  The police were alerted by Felton’s estranged wife, who provided the gun to police and claimed he threatened her with it.

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Williams, Terrence

Charge:  Assault

Arrest Date: May 19, 2013

Franchise: Boston Celtics

Age 26

Details: During a visitation exchange of their 10-year-old son in Washington, Williams pulled a gun on the child’s mother and made threats, prompting a call to police.  The arrest took place only two months after Williams signed a non-guaranteed contract with Boston in March.  Williams was subsequently waived in June, likely as a result of this arrest.

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Wallace, Ben

Charge: Driving under the influence, carrying a concealed weapon

Arrest Date: September 24, 2011

Franchise: Detroit Pistons

Age 37

Details: Wallace was pulled over in Detroit at 3am after being spotted driving erratically.  He was found to have a .14 blood alcohol level and officers subsequently found an unloaded handgun in a backpack.

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Wallace Ben 09.24.11

Stephenson, Lance

Charge: Assault, harassment, menacing, and possession of a deadly weapon

Arrest Date: August 15, 2010

Franchise: Indiana Pacers

Age 19

Details: Two months after being drafted by the Pacers, Stephenson was arrested for felony assault after shoving his girlfriend down a flight of stairs.  This was not his first bust for violence against women; two years earlier he was arrested for sexually abusing a 17 year-old girl.

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Crittenton, Javaris

Charge: Unlawful possession of a firearm, attempting to carry a pistol without a license

Arrest Date: January 26, 2010

Franchise: Washington Wizards

Age 22

Details: Crittenton was the other player involved in the famous Gilbert Arenas gun fiasco in 2010.  The two of them brought unloaded pistols into the Wizards locker room and brandished them during a confrontation over gambling debts on Christmas Eve 2009.  He eventually was arrested and plead guilty to unlawful and unlicensed gun possession and received probation.  He was also suspended for the remainder of the 2009-2010 NBA season, and never played in the NBA again. Two years later, in 2011, he was arrested for murder for allegedly gunning down a man he mistakenly thought had robbed him.  Then while out on bond in 2014, he was again arrested and charged with selling hundreds of pounds of cocaine and marijuana.

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Arenas, Gilbert

Charge: Carrying an unlicensed pistol

Arrest Date: January 14, 2010

Franchise: Washington Wizards

Age 28

Details: Arenas was famously arrested after it was disclosed that he brought an unloaded pistol into the Wizards locker room and brandished it during a confrontation over gambling debts with teammate Javaris Crittenton on Christmas Eve 2009.  He eventually was arrested and charged with carrying an unlicensed pistol and was suspended for the remainder of the 2009-2010 NBA season. The arrest and suspension derailed his career and he was out of the league two years later.  This was his third career arrest.

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West, Delonte

Charge: Speeding and possession of a handgun

Arrest Date: September 17, 2009

Franchise: Cleveland Cavaliers

Age 26

Details: After being pulled over for speeding on his motorcycle in Maryland, officers discovered three firearms on West.  They found a 9mm pistol in his pocket, a 357 magnum handgun in his pantleg, and a shotgun in a guitar case strapped to his back, all loaded.  It is illegal to carry concealed weapons and transport loaded guns in the state.

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West Delonte 09.17.09

Butler, Rasual

Charge: Concealed weapon

Arrest Date: June 23, 2008

Franchise: New Orleans Pelicans

Age 29

Details: While in Miami, Butler was arrested after he pointed a loaded, unregistered handgun at a group of people following an altercation.

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