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Harrell, Montrezl

Charge: Felony drug trafficking

Arrest Date: May 12, 2022

Franchise: Charlotte Hornets

Age 28

Details: Harrell was pulled over in Kentucky for tailgating, and upon approaching the vehicle officers smelled marijuana. Harrell admitted to being in possession and produced a small amount of marijuana from his sweatpants. Office searched the car, however, and found an additional three pounds of marijuana in vacuum-sealed bags in the backseat, and arrested Harrell on felony drug-trafficking charges.

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Graham, Devonte

Charge: Driving under the influence

Arrest Date: July 7, 2022

Franchise: New Orleans Pelicans

Age 27

Details: Graham was arrested at 3am in his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina after a traffic stop. He was charged with driving while impaired.

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Bridges, Miles

Charge: Felony domestic violence

Arrest Date: June 29, 2022

Franchise: Charlotte Hornets

Age 24

Details: Bridges was arrested in Los Angeles and charged with felony domestic violence. His wife later posted graphic images on Instagram detailing the abuse, which included “a fracture nose, wrist, torn eardrum, torn muscles in my neck from being choked until I went to sleep and a severe concussion”.

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