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Henderson, Alan

Charge: Unlawful possession of firearm

Arrest Date: July 7, 2005

Franchise: Dallas Mavericks

Age 32

Details: Henderson was arrested after attempting to board a flight at JFK International Airport with a loaded 9mm pistol inside of his suitcase.  He admitted to not having a permit or license to carry in the state of New York and was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

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Harrison, David

Charge: Assault and battery

Arrest Date: November 19, 2004

Franchise: Indiana Pacers

Age 22

Details: Harrison was one of the participants of the infamous ‘Malice at the Palace’ brawl in Detroit.  Harrison was arrested for assault and battery along with four other Indiana Pacers players for attacking Pistons fans in the arena.  Nine players were suspended for varying lengths, though Harrison avoided suspension. See below for video of the famous brawl.

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Ham, Darvin

Charge: Battery of wife

Arrest Date: December 31, 2001

Franchise: Milwaukee Bucks

Age 28

Details: Ham allegedly attacked his wife in their Milwaukee home during an argument.  Specific details of the assault were never made public.

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Hardaway, Tim

Charge: Threatening a police officer

Arrest Date: June 20, 1997

Franchise: Miami Heat

Age 30

Details: Hardaway was pulled over after being spotted driving his blue Ferrari at 110mph early one morning.  When stopped, Hardaway berated the officer, threatening to “take him down.” He also mentioned that he had “friends in high places who can make it very unpleasant for you.”  Additionally, he uttered obscenities and homophobic slurs toward the officer.

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Howard, Juwan

Charge: Driving under the influence

Arrest Date: November 11, 1996

Franchise: Washington Bullets

Age 23

Details: Howard’s only career arrest came after he was pulled over at 3:45am for speeding in his Mercedes.  He subsequently failed a sobriety test and was arrested for driving under the influence.

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Hodge, Donald

Charge: Marijuana possession

Arrest Date: December 4, 1995

Franchise: Dallas Mavericks

Age 26

Hill, Tyrone

Charge: Resisting arrest of another person, disorderly conduct

Arrest Date: July 29, 1995

Franchise: Cleveland Cavaliers

Age 27

Details: Early in the morning a man was seen standing in the middle of the street and blocking traffic.  When he refused to move he was placed under arrest.  Hill, along with fellow pro Brian Grant, were with him at the time and interfered with the arrest.  Hill was arrested after cursing at an officer and bumping him chest to chest.

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Harper, Derek

Charge: Marijuana possession

Arrest Date: June 28, 1991

Franchise: Dallas Mavericks

Age 29

Hammonds, Tom

Charge: Transporting a handgun

Arrest Date: March 31, 1991

Franchise: Washington Bullets

Age 23

Humphries, Jay

Charge: Cocaine trafficking

Arrest Date: April 16, 1987

Franchise: Phoenix Suns

Age 24

Details: Humphries, along with Suns teammates Grant Gondrezick and James Edwards, were indicted by a grand-jury in a wide-ranging criminal case involving felony cocaine purchases from a local-area business.  As many as five other former Suns teammates were involved.

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