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Barkley, Charles

Charge: Aggravated battery and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: October 27, 1997

Franchise: Houston Rockets

Age 34

Details: While enjoying drinks at an Orlando area bar with three women, Barkley became enraged when another patron threw a glass of ice at him.  In one of the more famous NBA arrests, Barkley then chased the man to the front of the bar, lifted him up, and hurled him through a plate-glass window.  As the man lay on the ground bleeding, Barkley then stood over him and told him ”you got what you deserve. You don’t respect me. I hope you’re hurt.”

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Charles Barkley – October 27, 1997

Strickland, Rod

Charge: Driving under the influence and disorderly conduct

Arrest Date: September 2, 1997

Franchise: Washington Wizards

Age 31

Details: Police said Strickland was stopped early Wednesday after making an illegal left turn in downtown Washington and became a “little disorderly.” He is also charged with failing to show his driver’s license. Strickland refused a sobriety test. This was the third of six arrests during Strickland’s pro career, and the first of three arrests for driving under the influence.

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Iverson, Allen

Charge: Marijuana possession and unlawful possession of a firearm

Arrest Date: August 4, 1997

Franchise: Philadelphia 76ers

Age 22

Details: Iverson was a passenger in a car that was pulled over in Virginia for speeding.  Officers smelled marijuana in the car, and after a search they also discovered a 45 caliber pistol on the floor in front of Iverson’s seat.

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Robinson, Cliff

Charge: Marijuana possession

Arrest Date: July 30, 1997

Franchise: Portland Trailblazers

Age 37

Trent, Gary

Charge: Assault

Arrest Date: July 24, 1997

Franchise: Portland Trailblazers

Age 22

Cummings, Terry

Charge: Loaded firearm at an airport

Arrest Date: July 10, 1997

Franchise: Seattle Supersonics

Age 36

Details: While going through security at Los Angeles International Airport, agents discovered a loaded, 9mm automatic handgun in Cummings’ carry-on luggage.  He admitted to officers, when confronted, that he was carrying a loaded gun without a license and was placed under arrest.

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Threatt, Sedale

Charge: Driving under the influence

Arrest Date: July 3, 1997

Franchise: Houston Rockets

Age 35

Hardaway, Tim

Charge: Threatening a police officer

Arrest Date: June 20, 1997

Franchise: Miami Heat

Age 30

Details: Hardaway was pulled over after being spotted driving his blue Ferrari at 110mph early one morning.  When stopped, Hardaway berated the officer, threatening to “take him down.” He also mentioned that he had “friends in high places who can make it very unpleasant for you.”  Additionally, he uttered obscenities and homophobic slurs toward the officer.

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O’Neal, Jermaine

Charge: Resisting arrest, disorderly conduct

Arrest Date: June 14, 1997

Franchise: Portland Trailblazers

Age 18

Details: Despite being in the NBA, the direct from high-school star was still acting like an ordinary teenager.  He was handing out pamphlets at the mall against mall policy when things escalated, and he eventually was arrested for ‘mouthing off’ to the cops.  He appears to have learned his lesson (for a while) – he wasn’t arrested again for over seven years. He still holds the record for the youngest NBA player ever arrested, and with direct from high school players no longer allowed, his record may stand forever.

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Camby, Marcus

Charge: Marijuana possession

Arrest Date: June 14, 1997

Franchise: Denver Nuggets

Age 23

Details: At about 2am a vehicle driven by Camby was seen drifting across the center lane of traffic.  He was pulled over and officers noticed a smell of marijuana. Upon searching the car they discovered several marijuana cigarettes.

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Camby Marcus 06.14.97