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Barkley, Charles

Charge: Disorderly conduct

Arrest Date: December 23, 1991

Franchise: Philadelphia 76ers

Age 28

Details: After leaving a bar in Milwaukee at 2:30 AM, a group of people followed Barkley, taunting him.  An argument ensued, and ended with Barkley punching one of the men in the face, breaking his nose and cutting his forehead.

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Charles Barkley – December 23, 1991


Tarpley, Roy

Charge: Driving under the influence

Arrest Date: November 30, 1991

Franchise: Dallas Mavericks

Age 27

Bedford, William

Charge: Driving with a suspended license

Arrest Date: October 23, 1991

Franchise: Detroit Pistons

Age 27

Brickowski, Frank

Charge: Marijuana possession

Arrest Date: September 5, 1991

Franchise: Milwaukee Bucks

Age 32

Williams, Kenny

Charge: Passing bad checks

Arrest Date: August 28, 1991

Franchise: Indiana Pacers

Age 22

Oakley, Charles

Charge: Assault and disorderly conduct

Arrest Date: August 26, 1991

Franchise: New York Knicks

Age 27

Harper, Derek

Charge: Marijuana possession

Arrest Date: June 28, 1991

Franchise: Dallas Mavericks

Age 29

Smith, Charles

Charge: Vehicular homicide and driving under the influence

Arrest Date: March 22, 1991

Franchise: Boston Celtics

Age 23

Details: Celtics reserve guard Charles Smith was arrested for drunkenly mowing down two Boston University students in the middle of campus with his van, and fleeing onto the interstate.  He was convicted a year later, ending his NBA career.  He bounced around the CBA for another decade, most recently making news after being shot while in possession of cocaine in 2010.

Original news account

Hammonds, Tom

Charge: Transporting a handgun

Arrest Date: March 31, 1991

Franchise: Washington Bullets

Age 23