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Bell, Charlie

Charge: Driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license, failing to stop

Arrest Date: October 21, 2011

Franchise: Golden State Warriors

Age 32

Details: Bell’s second DUI of 2011 came after he was pulled over for failing to stop and driving with a suspended license.  He subsequently was jailed a third time two months later when he showed up drunk to his court hearing.

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Beasley, Michael

Charge: Marijuana possession and speeding

Arrest Date: June 26, 2011

Franchise: Minnesota Timberwolves

Age 22

Details: Beasley’s first career arrest came during the 2011 NBA lockout, after he was pulled over for going 84 mph in a 65 mph zone. Police found about half an ounce of marijuana in his car and arrested him for speeding and marijuana possession.

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Smith, JR

Charge: Operating a scooter without a valid driver’s license

Arrest Date: May 28, 2011

Franchise: Denver Nuggets

Age 25

Details: Smith was arrested in Miami Beach for operating a scooter without a license, his third career arrest.  A bench warrant was issued 3 months later after he skipped a court hearing on the matter, leading to his eventual fourth career arrest in 2012 for failure to appear in court.

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Powell, Josh

Charge: Failure to obey a traffic officer, failure to yield to emergency equipment, obstruction

Arrest Date: March 12, 2011

Franchise: Atlanta Hawks

Age 28

Details: Powell was arrested shortly before a Hawks game for inexplicably refusing to move his car after it blocked an ambulance.  Police asked him repeatedly to move out of the intersection and let the ambulance through, but he refused and was placed under arrest and charged with a handful of obstruction charges.

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Powell Josh 03.12.11

Evans, Tyreke

Charge: Reckless driving

Arrest Date: May 31, 2010

Franchise: Sacramento Kings

Age 20

Details: Evans was spotted by a police helicopter driving his Mercedes at speeds of up to 120 to 130 mph.  He was pulled over and arrested at gunpoint for reckless driving.  See below for video of the pursuit and arrest.

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Police pursuit video:

Arroyo, Carlos

Charge: Resisting arrest, failure to obey a lawful order, and driving suspiciously

Arrest Date: February 26, 2010

Franchise: Miami Heat

Age 30

Details: On his way to practice one morning, Arroyo managed the unusual task of getting arrested for driving too slowly.  After he was pulled over for ‘driving suspiciously,’ cops arrested him for resisting when he refused to cooperate.

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Arroyo Carlos 02.26.10

West, Delonte

Charge: Speeding and possession of a handgun

Arrest Date: September 17, 2009

Franchise: Cleveland Cavaliers

Age 26

Details: After being pulled over for speeding on his motorcycle in Maryland, officers discovered three firearms on West.  They found a 9mm pistol in his pocket, a 357 magnum handgun in his pantleg, and a shotgun in a guitar case strapped to his back, all loaded.  It is illegal to carry concealed weapons and transport loaded guns in the state.

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West Delonte 09.17.09

Robinson, Nate

Charge: Driving with a suspended license

Arrest Date: August 17, 2009

Franchise: New York Knicks

Age 25

Details: Robinson was pulled over in the Bronx because of an unpaid traffic ticket that caused his driver’s license to be suspended, and was taken in and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. This was his first career arrest.

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Richardson, Jason

Charge: Endangerment, reckless driving, excessive speed, failure to use child seat

Arrest Date: February 15, 2009

Franchise: Phoenix Suns

Age 28

Details: Richardson was pulled over after being spotted going an astounding 90 mph in a 35 mph zone. After being stopped officers saw his 3 year old son with him in the backseat, without a carseat.  In addition to being charged with reckless driving, he was arrested for child endangerment.  This was his third career arrest and second in three months.

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Richardson Jason 02.15.09

Howard, Josh

Charge: Careless and reckless driving, speed competition

Arrest Date: July 31, 2008

Franchise: Dallas Mavericks

Age 28

Details: Howard was pulled over in his Lexus for going 94 mph in a 55 mph zone.  He was drag racing against a Volkswagon at the time and was arrested for reckless driving and participating in a speed competition.

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