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Liggins, DeAndre

Charge: Domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, domestic abuse in the presence of a minor

Arrest Date: August 31, 2013

Franchise: Oklahoma City Thunder

Age 25

Details: Police were called following a domestic incident between Liggins and an unknown female.  Liggins was arrested for domestic assault, along with battery with a dangerous weapon, all in the presence of a minor.  Details at this point are not yet known.

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Liggins DeAndre 08.31.13

Lawson, Ty

Charge: Physical harrasment and criminal mischief

Arrest Date: August 17, 2013

Franchise: Denver Nuggets

Age 25

Details: Lawson and his girlfriend were arrested after fighting in their homes.  Details are unknown but do not appear to be physical in nature.  It primarily involved yelling and throwing phones at each other, among other things.

Original news account


Lawson Ty 08.17.13

Jones, Terrence

Charge:  Harassment

Arrest Date: July 31, 2013

Franchise: Houston Rockets

Age 21

Details: After leaving a Portland nightclub, Rockets forward Terrence Jones allegedly yelled ‘wake up!’ to a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk, and then stomped violently on his leg.  Unfortunately for him, a police sergeant was nearby and witnessed the unprovoked attack.

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Terrence Jones arrested

Potapenko, Vitaly

Charge: Disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: July 12, 2004

Franchise: Oklahoma City Thunder

Age 29

Details: Potapenko was denied entry to a Miami Beach club due to being inebriated and refused to leave the scene.  Officers responded and Potapenko became aggressive and allegedly used a racial slur and was placed under arrest.

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Woods, Qyntel

Charge: Animal cruelty

Arrest Date: January 21, 2005

Franchise: Portland Trailblazers

Age 23

Details: Investigators began looking into Woods following a 2014 television report that alleged his pet pit bull was abandoned and covered in serious bite wounds.  Four months later he plead guilty to misdemeanor animal abuse to avoid more serious charges of dog fighting, and was sentenced to probation and community service.  The Blazers waived Woods immediately following his plea.

Original news account


Woods Qyntel 06.26.05

Barnes, Matt

Charge: Driving on a suspended license, threatening a police officer

Arrest Date: July 30, 2012

Franchise: Los Angeles Lakers

Age 31

Details: Barnes’ second career arrest started innocuously enough when he was arrested for an outstanding traffic citation, but quickly escalated to a felony when he threatened a police officer.  His demonic smile makes for one of the better mugshots – much better than his low-key mugshot following a domestic violence arrest in 2010.

Original news account


Barnes Matt 07.30.12

Smith, JR

Charge: Failure to appear in court

Arrest Date: May 24, 2012

Franchise: New York Knicks

Age 26

Details: After being arrested in 2011 for driving a scooter without a license, Smith subsequently skipped his scheduled court appearance, causing a bench warrant to be issued for him. He was eventually arrested in Miami for failure to appear in court. This was his fourth arrest since going pro.

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Smith JR 04.24.12

Perkins, Kendrick

Charge: Disorderly conduct and public intoxication

Arrest Date: August 13, 2011

Franchise: Oklahoma City Thunder

Age 26

Details: While visiting Texas during the offseason to host a camp for his foundation, Perkins went to a nightclub and ended up challenging the club owner to a fight.  Once forced outside, he drunkenly continued to yell obscenities until he was placed under arrest.

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Stevenson, DeShawn

Charge: Public intoxication

Arrest Date: June 14, 2011

Franchise: Dallas Mavericks

Age 30

Details: Stevenson’s third career arrest came during a celebration two days after his Dallas Mavericks won the NBA title.  He was found intoxicated in an apartment complex and was unable to tell officers who he was, and was arrested for public intoxication

Original news account


Stevenson DeShawn 06.14.11

Robinson, Nate

Charge: Urinating in public

Arrest Date: June 10, 2011

Franchise: Oklahoma City Thunder

Age 27

Details: A few months after the diminutive Robinson was traded from the Celtics to the Thunder he decided to enjoy his summer off-season by relieving himself right in White Plains, New York right outside of city hall. At least he knew where to go to pay his summons. He even tweeted about the incident.

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