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Nocioni, Andres

Charge: Driving under the influence

Arrest Date: November 5, 2009

Franchise: Sacramento Kings

Age 29

Details: Hours after a home loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Nocioni was pulled over for driving erratically.  He failed sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI.

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Nocioni Andres 11.05.09

Noah, Joakim

Charge: Marijuana possession, open container of alcohol

Arrest Date: May 25, 2008

Franchise: Chicago Bulls

Age 23

Details: Noah was arrested in Gainesville, Florida after officers spotted him drinking alcohol in public. During a search, officers also found marijuana in his pocket.

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Nailon, Lee

Charge: Domestic violence

Arrest Date: January 24, 2006

Franchise: Philadelphia 76ers

Age 30

Details: Nailon’s third career arrest came after a long and violent confrontation in his home. Following an argument, Nailon threw a picture frame at his wife and elbowed her in the face.  Then, as his wife ran for the front door to scream for help her husband grabbed her around the neck and carried her to the bedroom, where he threw her on the bed. A few minutes later she called police.

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Nesby, Tyrone

Charge: Battery

Arrest Date: April 9, 2001

Franchise: Washington Wizards

Age 25

Details: Nesby was arrested following a game against the Indiana Pacers for an arrest warrant issue in 1999 from an incident that occurred way back in 1995. At the time of the incident, Nesby was a student at Vincennes University, where he was arrested for breaking the nose of another student during an argument over the O.J. Simpson verdict.  No information on which position Nesby took on the famous crime.

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Nailon, Lee

Charge: Failure to pay child support

Arrest Date: December 20, 2000

Franchise: New Orleans Pelicans

Age 25

Details: Nailon was arrested after owing child support payments for his five year-old daughter.  He was alleged to have failed to pay for over two years.

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Nailon, Lee

Charge: Evading arrest and possession of marijuana

Arrest Date: July 24, 1999

Franchise: New Orleans Pelicans

Age 24

Details: Nailon and two other men, including NFL star LaDainian Tomlinson, were smoking marijuana in a Texas motel when officers knocked on the door after noticing the smell.  The three men then jumped out of a second story window before being apprehended in Nailon’s SUV.  This was the first of three career arrests for Nailon.

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