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Polynice, Olden

Charge: Assault with a deadly weapon

Arrest Date: September 27, 1993

Franchise: Detroit Pistons

Age 28

Details: Polynice was involved in an argument with his ex-girlfriend outside of her apartment when he pulled out a small caliber handgun and pointed it at her.  He then told her ‘I should have shot you last time. I would have shot you in the leg.’ She called the police and Polynice was later arrested at his home.  This was the first of five arrests for Polynice during his career.

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Maxwell, Vernon

Charge: Resisting arrest

Arrest Date: July 23, 1993

Franchise: Houston Rockets

Age 28

Parish, Robert

Charge: Marijuana possession

Arrest Date: February 12, 1993

Franchise: Boston Celtics

Age 39

Details: At the age of 39, veteran Robert Parish was arrested after drug-sniffing dogs detected marijuana in a FedEx package addressed to him.  Police found several ounces of marijuana in the package, along with five additional ounces after a search of his home.

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Salley, John

Charge: Writing bad checks

Arrest Date: January 30, 1993

Franchise: Miami Heat

Age 28

Details: Salley was arrested for writing a bad check during All-Star weekend after he bought $3000 worth of merchandise but then later cancelled the check.  Salley blamed it on a misunderstanding after his checkbook was misplaced or stolen.

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Malone, Moses

Charge: Threatening ex-wife

Arrest Date: January 29, 1993

Franchise: Milwaukee Bucks

Age 37