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Tarpley, Roy

Charge: Driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: November 15, 1989

Franchise: Dallas Mavericks

Age 24

Details: Tarpley, who was ultimately banned from the NBA for repeated drug and alcohol violations, received his first career arrest after getting pulled over and scuffling with officers.  It ultimately took six policemen to subdue him after his violent reaction. He was later arrested for DUI again two years later.

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Jordan, Michael

Charge: Failure to appear in court

Arrest Date: July 6, 1989

Franchise: Chicago Bulls

Age 26

Details: Jordan was pulled over in Lexington, Kentucky for driving his Ferrari 90mph in a 60mph zone.  He subsequently failed to appear to his scheduled court date, resulting in a warrant being issued for his arrest.

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Ellis, Dale

Charge: Domestic assault and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: January 8, 1989

Franchise: Seattle Supersonics

Age 28

Details: Ellis was arrested at his home after police received a call from his wife accusing him of assault.

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