Randolph, Zach

Charge: Marijuana possession with intent to sell

Arrest Date: August 9, 2017

Franchise: Sacramento Kings

Age 36

Details: While on routine patrol in Los Angeles, police encountered a group drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, and playing loud music while blocking a street. The officers then tried to disperse the crowd, and the disturbance escalated. Officers called for backup when the crowd grew and people began throwing bottles. Several police cars ended up with smashed windows and slashed tires.  Multiple arrests were made, including Randolph, who was found with marijuana.  This was his fourth career arrest, and first in over eight years.

Original news account


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  1. This guy was in the gang infested projects known as Nickerson Gardens. Really!?!? He had absolutely no reason to be there. Of course, all the charges against him will be dropped by his high priced lawyers tactics. But, everyone knows you are dirty. Seriously, all the talent…worth millions. Your an idiot.

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