Beard, Ralph

Charge: Gambling

Arrest Date: October 20, 1951

Franchise: Indianapolis Olympians

Age 23

Details: Beard and fellow Olympians teammate Alex Groza were arrested after their involvement in a point-shaving incident two years earlier while playing college basketball at the University of Kentucky.  Along with a third Kentucky teammate, Beard and Groza accepted $500 each from gamblers to keep a game versus Loyola within the point spread of 10.  While trying to keep the score close, they accidentally lost to Loyola.

Original news account

If you know of any arrest that isn’t in the database please let me know!  If you have a link to the news story it would be very helpful.


Charge: Writing bad checks

Arrest Date: March 19, 1983

Franchise: Utah Jazz

Birthdate: September 30, 1954

Age 28

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