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Stevenson, DeShawn

Charge: Public intoxication

Arrest Date: June 14, 2011

Franchise: Dallas Mavericks

Age 30

Details: Stevenson’s third career arrest came during a celebration two days after his Dallas Mavericks won the NBA title.  He was found intoxicated in an apartment complex and was unable to tell officers who he was, and was arrested for public intoxication

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Stevenson DeShawn 06.14.11

Stevenson, DeShawn

Charge: Statutory rape

Arrest Date: June 19, 2001

Franchise: Utah Jazz

Age 20

Details: As a rookie with the Jazz, Stevenson was arrested after admitting in a taped phone conversation to having consensual sex with a 14 year-old girl in a hotel after a night of drinking.  This came less than a year after getting arrested for taking part in a brawl at a high school on the night he was drafted in the first round by the Utah Jazz.

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Stevenson, DeShawn

Charge: Fighting in a public place

Arrest Date: June 28, 2000

Franchise: Utah Jazz

Age 19

Details: Stevenson set an almost unbreakable record for fastest arrest since becoming a pro, getting arrested on the night of the draft for brawling during a high school basketball game.  Within several hours after being drafted 23rd in the first round by the Jazz, Stevenson and as many as twenty others participated in the melee.

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Here we have the cream of the crop – the elite record holders of NBA arrests.

Most career arrests, all-time

Derrick Coleman – 7 times

Most career arrests, active players

J.R. Smith – 5 times

Youngest player ever arrested

Jermaine O’Neal – 18 years, 8 months

Youngest player ever arrested twice

DeShawn Stevenson – 20 years, 2 months

Youngest player ever arrested three times

Bernard King – 22 years

Youngest player ever arrested four times

Bernard King – 23 years, 1 month

Youngest player ever arrested five times

Derrick Coleman – 32 years, 4 months

Oldest player ever arrested

Cliff Robinson – 40 years, 10 months

Greatest span between arrests

Marcus Camby – 14 years, 3 months

Greatest span of arrests

Jason Kidd – 17 years, 6 months

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