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King, Bernard

Charge: Forcible sexual assault

Arrest Date: January 1, 1980

Franchise: Utah Jazz

Age 23

Details: At the age of 23, King had already been arrested three previous times since being drafted by the Nets in 1977.  King rang in the new year and new decade by allegedly forcing a Salt Lake woman to perform repeated sexual acts on him.

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King, Bernard

Charge: Driving under the influence, driving without a license, possession of cocaine

Arrest Date: December 18, 1978

Franchise: New Jersey Nets

Age 22

Details: Yet another arrest for King came when police found the Nets star passed out and slumped over the steering wheel of his Corvette while in possession of a small amount of cocaine.  This was the third arrest for King since being drafted by the Nets just 18 months earlier, and his fifth arrest since joining the University of Tennessee basketball program.  He was ultimately traded to the Jazz by the frustrated Nets, where he eventually faced his most serious charges of sexual assault after a New Years incident in 1980.

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King, Bernard

Charge: Marijuana possession, prowling, and resisting arrest

Arrest Date: July 15, 1977

Franchise: New Jersey Nets

Age 20

Details: This was King’s second arrest that week, both since being drafted by the Nets only a month earlier.  This time he was arrested after a man told police King had attempted to break into his apartment.  He was subsequently found to possess marijuana and resisted arrest.  King had previously been arrested twice while in college with the University of Tennessee, and would subsequently be arrested two more times during his playing career.

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King, Bernard

Charge: Breaking and entering

Arrest Date: July 10, 1977

Franchise: New Jersey Nets

Age 20

Details: Exactly a month after being drafted by the Nets, King celebrated broke into a University of Tennessee athletics building, a stealing a television.  This was the first of four arrests during his professional career, though he had also been arrested twice previously while in college for smoking marijuana, drunk driving, and driving without a license. He would also be arrested a mere 5 days after this for marijuana possession, prowling and resisting arrest.

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